Effective marketing that will increase your turnover

No matter how good your website, it will not be successful unless it is marketed correctly. Internet marketing is essential to ensure that your business products, services and messages are being promoted via your web site to your potential customers.

There are many factors which dictate how the site is ranked by the major search engines, and ultimately how much traffic you can gain. The level of success is largely dependent on the time and effort put in to the marketing strategy, and the budget allocated.

Users searching for a particular product or information need to easily find your site ahead of your competition and Creation21 can design and implement an effective eMarketing Strategy that will “sell what your customers want, when they want it”.

There are several key methods to increase traffic to your site:


  • Pay-per-click programmes – a fee is paid every time a user clicks on an advert which links in to your site.
  • Organic Listings – Promotion up the free listings shown on the left hand side of the search engine.
  • Submissions to Web Directories – article websites and listings of company services such as yell.com, google shopping etc
  • Social and Corporate Networking – Use of social media sites such as faceBook, UTube, forums and blogs to drive traffic back to your website.

Each business or organisation is unique, and the level of competition varies depending on your target market. Creation21 can implement a stratedgy based on a combination of techniques tailored to what you wish to promote.
The aim is always to get high quality traffic which is relevant to your business.

Creation21 marketing techniques include:

Keyword analysis

Competitor position analysis

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Link building campaigns

Pay Per Click advert writing & management

Article writing, linking & submission

User statistics analysis and reporting

5 steps to get high quality customers to your website:

Step 1 - Get in touch

Contact us with your basic details

Tell us about your products and services, and specific target areas / products for marketing.

Step 2 - Evaluation

Initial Market Assessment

Based on your business we produce a shortlist of relevant keywords to conduct an initial assessment of how competitive your target market is and the costs involved to reach prime spots such as Google page 1 top 3 position.

Step 3 - Proposals

Recommendations and Quotation.

We recommended a marketing strategy and provide indications of costs, explaining the details of how it all works.

Step 4 - Implementation

Campaign set up

Following your approval we set up the campaigns - writing the ads in the case of Pay-per-click, and implement SEO, link building and article writing for organic listing promotion.

Step 5 - Results monitoring

Tracking and statistics analysis

Using a range of tools we analyse exactly how the marketing campaign is performing - that is, are you getting the right type of users visiting your site and are they converting to paying customers. Based on the results we then modify the web site and marketing campaign to optimise the conversion rate.

This is a continuous feedback cycle - check results, modify campaign, check results, modify campaign...etc Summary performance reports can be produced daily, weekly or monthly as required.

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