Register an exclusive name in cyberspace


Creation21's personal domain service gives you the chance to register a unique name in cyberspace, such as your family name, nickname, or anything else you can imagine. This can then be linked to email addresses and used with a wide range of features and accessed via PC and mobile hand held personal devices and smartphones - anywhere in the world!

Whats the big advantage, I already have an email address?

Instead of names which are difficult to remember like, provided by your broadband company, you could register a more exclusive domain such as and then connect email addresses such as:,,

Its like having a personalised car number plate...but a lot more useful!

Which domains do we recommend?

For personal domains .name, and are recommended.

For example: or or or

There are other domain extensions available such as .com,, .or, .eu but these are generally used for business and organisations - however you could choose any of these if you prefer.
In future you could also set up your own website linked to your domain and also link to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

All personal mailboxes come with great features:

  • Remote Access - Access your mail from anywhere in the world using an internet connection via PC, laptop or mobile phone.
  • Anti spam and virus scanning - Stay secure and keep a clean inbox with powerful junk mail filters and virus protection.
  • Up to 5GB per mailbox - store emails, data, and file attachments.
  • Mail forwarding - have your work mail, or other personal mail forwarded to your personalised address at home or to other PCs if required.

3 reasons why you should register a personal domain:

Its prestige and exclusive - set yourself apart from others - no one else can use the same domain.

It can be the focal point of all your communications and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Its easy to remember.

3 steps to register a personal domain and email address:

Step 1 - Get in touch

Contact us with your choice of domain

Tell us what you would like to register, for example - OR
and what email addresses you would like, for example -,

Step 2 - Confirmation

We will confirm availability and arrange payment.

Step 3 - Set up

Mail set up

We register the domain, set up the mail server, and instruct you on how to set up your PC or mobile devices. All done - its now ready to use.

Get started - contact Creation21 today